One of the many options available for practice marketing is having an interactive website defining the purview of your practice. When a client searches the internet for information, he types in a word or bunch of words in the search engine (like Google). It is imperative that your webpage is visible on the first page and even better if it is on top of the list. Choosing the correct keywords that will make your practice noticeable on the search engine is the trick to target prospects. A few tips for choosing keywords are listed below.

1. Your own choice

Your business is your technical know-how. Hence you will know the words/phrases that reflect your practice and also the best keywords to use for your practice marketing. You know what correctly portrays your work. What would you look for if you needed that specific service?

2. Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Once you have short listed your keywords, put them up on the Google AdWords keywords tool and click on ‘get keywords ideas’. The tool will give you a list of words / phrases that match your words and along with the statistics of number of searches for each keyword. This is a very valuable tool and the first step towards a successful practice marketing strategy.

3.  Your domain name

It helps a lot if your domain name includes the main keyword. For example if you are a practicing dermatologist it is better to have a domain name that incorporates the word skin or skin care. Most people who may not know be aware of the technical term would end up searching for words like skin or skin care instead of dermatologist. If you are a criminal lawyer then try to include criminal law in the domain name. In these days of specialization it’s vital to be specific regarding your profession.

4 The magic of long tail keywords

Instead of single words it is better to use phrases of two to three words which explain your expertise as most people type specific phrases and this helps narrow down the search.

5 Number of keywords in one article

You will need one major keyword and two or three secondary keywords. The main keyword density could range between 2 to 4%.

6 Geographical keyword

If your keyword includes your geographical location it makes searches easy for the client. You are sure to rank amongst the top ten in the search engine list and also will bring in more organized traffic to your website.

7 Some other tools

There are other tools to search for useful keywords suitable for your website like Market Samurai,

8 Brainstorming

A discussion or brainstorming session with your close associates and family members might give you many valuable and unique ideas.

Remember that your practice marketing should yield optimum results. So you will need marketing that is unique to your requirements; i.e. distinctive and specific keywords in your content which describe your profession accurately. Your practice marketing techniques have to be ethical and precise to get you noticed in the vast ocean that is the internet.