Do the descriptions you’ve written of your professional services have the tone and content your target market is looking for? Taking a look at the existing reviews and testimonials that you’ve received for your services or others like them can be a goldmine for finding out what potential clients do and don’t care about.

Taking for granted that you know exactly where your audience is coming from can be dangerous. By reading through the reviews that satisfied customers have written for services like yours, you can find out a lot about what matters most to the types of people that you serve.

  • Spend some time going through a handful of testimonials clients have written for your business or some of your competitors.
  • Pull out the key descriptive words that clients seem to be stressing upon in their reviews, such as the quality of work they received, attention to detail, punctuality, etc.
  • Next, ask yourself what your collection of trigger words says about your core audience. Are they focused on the method and execution of your work or more concerned with the type of person you are to deal with?
  • Now that you’ve got a better picture of what’s important to your audience, take a look at the current description for your services that you’ve got featured on your website. Was this copy written with the needs and values of your core audience in mind?